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Establishment objective

Korean Skills Quality Authority, an affiliate of the Ministry of Employment & Labor, was established in April 2015 to contribute to the realization of a competency-based society by developing a comprehensive quality assurance system for the Korean VET programs and Job competency development projects.

Establishment grounds
  • Following the results to adjust the functions
    of Government agency’s in the area
    of Employment and Welfare by the
    Ministry of Economy & Finance (’15.1)
  • 3-year Vocational Development Plan
    by the Ministry of Employment and Labor (’14.9)
  • Workers Vocational Skills
    Development Act article 7 clause 2
    (VET management)
Systematic circulation

Korean Skills Quality Authority aims to contribute to strengthening the national competitiveness and competency based society by harmonizing fair and objective evaluation, systematic training, promoting quality training and strict blocking of fraudulent training.

Assessment of Central government ministries’
vocational skills development projects

  • Orientation on
    vocational skills
    development policies
  • Training
  • Training
  • Collective/
    distance training

Fraud investigation