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Welcome to the website of
Korean Skills Quality Authority

Greetings to all, this is
Choi YoungSup,
President of KSQA.

At KSQA, We strive to implement a more fair and trust evaluation and
assessment system
for our country in order to be globally recognized.

Hello, we welcome you to the official website of KSQA

I feel pleased and honored to take the journey of quality assurance for vocational and
education training(VET) sector with all of you.

KSQA is a specialized evaluation and assessment organization established to improved the systematic quality assurance measures and training outcomes of
VET programs.

KSQA carries out various functions including training organization asssessment, collective and distance training curricula evaluation, training performance
assessment, and fraud investigation, thereby doning its utmost to establish an advanced human resource development(HRD) system. We ask for your continued interest and support so that we can become a specialized evaluation and assessment organization leading the Kroean vacational
skills development.

Thank you.

President, Korean Skills Quality Authority 최영섭